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Refereed Publications

Revisiting Gender Differences in Ultimatum Bargaining: Experimental Evidence from the US and China,” with Xiangdong Qin and Daniel Houser (2018). Journal of the Economic Science Association, 4(2), 180-190.

Trust in the Executive: Requiring Consensus and Turn-taking in the Experimental Lab,” with T. Clark Durant, Michael Weintraub and Daniel Houser (2018). Journal of Peace Research, 55(5), 609-624.

Working Papers

Stochastic Bargaining over Gains and Losses: Evidence from the Lab,” with Daniel Houser,
Oct. 2018. [Online Appendices]

Climate Policies under Collective Risk: A Laboratory Investigation on the Provision of Local Irrigation Systems,” with Shiyan Zhai and Daniel Houser, Oct. 2018. [Online Appendices]

Selected Work in Progress

“Battling Climate Change in Rural China: An Irrigation Experiment in the Field,” with Shiyan Zhai and Daniel Houser.

“Gender Differences in Bargaining over Losses”

“Do Smart People Cheat More or Less: An Experimental Study,” with Xiangdong Qin.

“Intergenerational Transmission of Dishonesty: Evidence from China,” with Daniel Houser and Jianxin Wang.