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Job Market Paper

Stochastic Bargaining over Gains and Losses: Evidence from the Lab,” with Daniel Houser, Feb. 2018. [Online Appendices]

Working Papers

Trust in the Executive: Requiring Consensus and Turn-Taking in the Experimental Lab,” with T. Clark Durant, Michael Weintraub and Daniel Houser, Dec. 2017. Conditionally accepted at Journal of Peace Research.

Revisiting Gender Differences in Ultimatum Bargaining: Experimental Evidence from the US and China,” with Xiangdong Qin and Daniel Houser, Aug. 2017. Accepted subject to minor revisions at Journal of the Economic Science Association.

Work In Progress

“Battling Climate Change in Rural China: A Field Experiment on the Provision of Local Irrigation Systems,” with Shiyan Zhai and Daniel Houser.

“Do Smart People Cheat More or Less: An Experimental Study,” with Xiangdong Qin.

“Intergenerational Transmission of Dishonesty: Evidence from China,” with Daniel Houser and Jianxin Wang.